Tokyo Shinjuku luxury soapland

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We never solicit
You should beware of wicked solicit using the name of Barubola.


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相田 沙也加

安西 なぎさ
是非『安西 なぎさ』の全身全霊のプレースタイルで心置きなくお遊び頂ければと思います。

美神 夢愛さん

ID : @qtg1776h


Casting reservations can be made a week before.

  • 3/23(Sat)
  • 3/24(Sun)
  • 3/25(Mon)
  • 3/26(Tue)
  • 3/27(Wed)
  • 3/28(Thu)
  • 3/29(Fri)
  • Rena Akiyama T158:B88(D):W59:H88 Major advertising agency 7:00~14:00
    Akane Nishida T162:B83(C):W58:H85 Aromatherapist 7:00~14:00
    Seira Takayama  T155:B84(D):W58:H86 Receptionist of Foreign-owned campany 10:00~16:30
    Sayaka Aida T166:B87(E):W58:H88 Office worker at Marunouchi 10:00~16:30
    Konoka Hanasaki T160:B83(C):W54:H82 10:00~16:30
    Nagisa Anzai T161:B89(F):W57:H86 Music university student 10:00~16:30
    Yuna Mikami T163:B84(D):W58:H83 Dental assistant 10:00~16:30
    Miyazaki Makoto T161:B95(G):W58:H88 A student 10:00~18:00
    Suzu Fujita T162:B86(D):W56:H83 Model 15:00~19:00
    Oosato Sono T157:B84(C):W58:H88 nurse 15:00~19:00
    Haruna Watanabe T165:B85(D):W57:H84 Foreign-owned real estate companies 17:30~23:30
    Sakurai Nanako T162:B83(C):W58:H82 Bus guide 17:30~23:30
    Riona Oshima T154:B85(E):W57:H85 University hospital nurse 17:30~23:30
    Aiko Nagasawa T163:B84(C):W59:H86 Model 17:30~23:30
    Yuuki Yuuki T160:B88(E):W59:H86 Receptionist of Large enterprise 17:30~23:30
    Yui Yokoyama T164:B87(D):W56:H86 Cooking instructor 20:00~23:30
    Maria Makino T160:B85(D):W58:H86 Student 20:00~23:30



Authentic club get to the real top

We have been in business as a luxury place for over 30 years.
This would not have been possible without everybody's contribution.We want to continue to evolve.
Times may change, and it passes so quickly.
All of industry focus on progression of quality in the name of business effort.And there is reality,
They are went out of business who can’t keep up with the times.
The same is true of our business.
Price from the customer is far from cheap.We think it is natural to keep a prime quality of cast and service.
What we can do more than that?
Don’t rely on the word of our history, keep moving forward as a high-class, aiming one step ahead.
We would appreciate that you feel the greatly improved of interview level and our employee educationSomething to protect,
something to get forward, and What we can do.

Our club is provided with a dress code

This is the reason we secure the high-class lady
We try to make a comfortable environment
where you can feel relax and the greatest satisfaction.
We would appreciate it if you could
support and cooperate with us.

To our cuatomers 
We are afraid we have to refuse following person’s visit.

・organized crime group members or anti-social group.
・Have tattooed.
・Be intoxicate or badly drunk.
・Be unsuiavtable for our dress code (by our decision lite clothes, shorts, sandals or stuff like that)
・Please do not make a nuisance for other customers by plural person at waiting room.

A thousand apologies.

We never release photos of ladies.
We think a great deal of lady’s privacy
We take extreme care for ladies, because many of them are active in show biz,
pin-up lady, or going to realize her dream.
On the other hand, that is the reason a lot of high-class ladies gather in our club where no one show her face any more.
Our club is provided with a measurable dress code, because we want all of you to spend a greatest time.
For more information, please refer 「ABOUT」on our website.

Thank you to our customers.
About meeting at this club, please keep it between you and us if you identify the lady on TV or any medias.
It’s our pleasure if you watch over the active of them and keep those memories in your heart.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



About ladies for VIP
Standard of ladies regarded as VIP is not only reason of beauty and good-looking.
Of course It’s not special service.Our hope is that all customer feel the extraordinary, We want set the standard based on that.
Due to circumstances, It is less attendance days.
But only if you come here with lady,she will be attendance.・・・Lady for VIP
If the usually, she is doing a job you think It is too good for you.・・・Lady for VIP
Of course we recommend with confidence in incumbent ladies.・・・Lady for VIP
Please have a marvelous time and enjoy freely the time with lady for VIP.
And please note that not everyone can use the system of VIP course.

Luxury and refined VIP service

Many celebrities come to our club,Include a man who is in show business and pro-athletes
We have consideration that you never get sharing the table in waiting room
And we will give you many kind of special service for you
We hope you will use our service
We answer for more info by phone or email, thank you
We give you the special lady please ask for staff

You can choose a lady from the album
We give you many other service,

We give you the special lady
You can choose a lady from the album
We give you many other service,

please ask for staffVIP price : Please feel free to ask me.
If you want to use this service,please order when you reserve



  • 23,000yen
  • 20minute extension
  • 10,000yen

We can provide the service only
90 minutes in consideration of quality.
Thank you for understanding.

  • Information on reservations

    Reservations can be made a week before.

    Lady’s schedule
  • Dear priority

    We provide the exclusive entrance and waiting room for special customers.
    If you want to use,please tell us when you call.
    VIP price : Please feel free to ask me.


5F 1-24-3 Kabuki-cho shinjuku-ku Tokyo



The price is not so inexpensive.Of course we provide the highest quality of service,
please contact us if you have any requests,
or just in case you don’t be satisfied.

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