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TIME.10:00 - LAST


A thousand apologies. 
We never release photos of ladies.
We think a great deal of lady’s privacy
We take extreme care for ladies, because many of them are active in show biz, pin-up lady, or going to realize her dream.
On the other hand, that is the reason a lot of high-class ladies gather in our club where no one show her face any more.
Our club is provided with a measurable dress code, because we want all of you to spend a greatest time.
For more information,  please refer 「ABOUT」on our website.

Thank you to our customers.
About meeting at this club, please keep it between you and us if you identify the lady on TV or any medias.
It’s our pleasure if you watch over the active of them and keep those memories in your heart.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.