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TIME.10:00 - LAST


Authentic club get to the real top

We have been in business as a luxury place for over 30 years.
This would not have been possible without everybody's contribution.
We want to continue to evolve.
Times may change, and it passes so quickly.
All of industry focus on progression of quality in the name of business effort.
And there is reality, They are went out of business who can’t keep up with the times.
The same is true of our business.
Price from the customer is far from cheap.
We think it is natural to keep a prime quality of cast and service.
What we can do more than that?
Don’t rely on the word of our history, keep moving forward as a high-class, aiming one step ahead.
We would appreciate that you feel the greatly improved of interview level and our employee education
Something to protect, something to get forward, and What we can do.
We, all employee extend our heartfelt wait to you.

Our club is provided with a dress code

This is the reason we secure the high-class lady
We try to make a comfortable environment where you can feel relax and the greatest satisfaction.
We would appreciate it if you could support and cooperate with us.

To our customers
We are afraid we have to refuse following person’s visit.

・organized crime group members or anti-social group.
・Have tattooed.
・Be intoxicate or badly drunk.
・Be unsuitable for our dress code (by our decision lite clothes, shorts, sandals or stuff like that)
・Please do not make a nuisance for other customers by plural person at waiting room.